United States Department of Veterans Affairs
Seattle Center of Innovation for Veteran-Centered and Value-Driven Care

Welcome to the Center of Innovation for Veteran-Centered and Value-Driven Care  

Our Center is a collaboration between the Health Services R&D programs VA Puget Sound in Seattle, WA and VA Eastern Colorado in Denver, CO. Our research goals are to: 

1. Promote Veteran-Centered care by improving the patient experience across community and health care settings for patients with complex chronic conditions. We will focus on how to improve:
          - patient self-management skills.
          - patient health status and decision making by using principles of palliative care.
          - patient experience through interventions targeting health care providers and the health care system.

2. Advance the science of providing Veterans with complex chronic conditions the highest quality medical care at the lowest financial cost by:
           - identifying high value VA facilities and the processes and structures they use.
           - comparing the effectiveness of alternative ways of delivering high value care.
           - developing new statistical methods to quantify value.

3. Address barriers to delivery of specialty care across community and health care settings.

4. Assess the effect of screening studies on patient experiences and the value of these studies to VA.

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