United States Department of Veterans Affairs
Seattle Center of Innovation for Veteran-Centered and Value-Driven Care

Paul L. Hebert, PhD


PhD       University of Minnesota
                Health Services,  2001  

BA        Georgetown University                          
                Economics, 1985









Contact Information

Office: 206-277-4165

Sample of Active Projects

Discovering what worked in a disease management trial

NIH/National Center for Minority Health and Health Disparities 
Principle Investigator: P. Hebert

Sample of Selected Publications

Maciejewski ML, Weaver EM, Hebert PL. Synonyms in Health Services Research Methodology. Med Care Res Rev. 2010 July.

Hebert PL, Sisk JE, Wang JJ, Tuzzio L, Casabianca JM, Chassin MR, Horowitz C, McLaughlin MA. Cost-effectiveness of nurse-led
disease management for heart failure in an ethnically diverse urban community. Ann Intern Med. 2008 Oct 21;149(8):540-8.

Keyhani S, Hebert PL, Ross JS, Federman A, Zhu CW, Siu AL. Electronic health record components and the quality of care. Med Care.
2008 Dec;46(12):1267-72.

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Health Affairs 2008;27(2), p 374-382.

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2008; 16(1) p. 1-7.

Sisk JE, Wang J, Hebert PL, Tuzzio L, McLaughlin MA. The Success of Recruiting Minorities, Women, and Elderly into A Randomized
Controlled Effectiveness Trial. Mount Sinai Journal of Medicine. 2008; 75(1):37-43.

Howell EA, Hebert PL, Chatterjee S, Kleinman LC, Chassin MR. Black-White Differences in Very Low Birthweight Neonatal Mortality
Among New York City Hospitals. Pediatrics. 2008; 121(3), pp. e407-e415.

Keyhani S, Scobie J, Hebert PL, McLaughlin MA. Gender Disparities in Blood Pressure Control and Cardiovascular Care in a National
Sample of Ambulatory Care Visits. Hypertension. 2008; 51(4):1149-1155.

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Keyhani S, Ross JS, Hebert PL, Dellenbaugh C, Penrod  JD, Siu Al. Use of Preventive Care by Veterans Receiving Care Through the
Veterans Health Administration, Medicare FFS and Medicare HMO Plans. American Journal of Public Health. 2007; 97(12):2179-85.

Hebert PL, Sisk JE. Health Literacy and Heart Failure Care in Minority Communities. Annals of Internal Medicine. 2007; 146(4):312


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